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Professional Voice Casting

Are you looking for a sensual and deep male voice? Or do you prefer a strong and distinctive female talent? Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you pick the right voice artists from the huge rolodex of professional voice-over artists we have. We take into account the range of age, gender, timbre and style you are looking for when we select our talent choices for you. Our goal is to help you find just the perfect voice for a first-class video recording performance.

Our professional artists have extensive experience in delivering voice-over, radio, dubbing, advertising, animation and acting projects. We truly offer a great diversity of talents from all ages and nationalities. Whatever language, accent, pitch or style you need, we’ll have just the right voice-over artist for your needs. Competitively priced, our services range from $xxx and up. Write to us for a voice-over quote today!

Select a Voice-Over Talent

How We Can Help You Find the Right Voice

Among our voices, there are no bland voices. They all have something special, whether you want a fresh and unknown talent or a recognizable and distinctive female/male voice. Any idea you have in mind for your corporate or entertainment piece, we can make it happen. Our highly coordinated team will assist you through the entire voice audition process to find just the right voice talent that will imbue your project with class and professionalism.

Once you choose the voice you want, we arrange for the convocation of the voice talent, the recording and if required, the editing and mastering of the files. It couldn’t be easier. We are always finding new voices, discovering new talents and compiling a big catalogue of voice talents that span every accent and nationality. Tell us your idea and we will find the voice that will make it real!

Let's Do It!

Our Voice Casting Services Include:

  • Lip Synchronization
  • Narration of your audio-visual piece

 We can help you coordinate everything from the start of the voice-over project until its closure. Beginning with a personalized casting, we can help you find the perfect voice, handle the contracting, and support you with anything else you may need. Working at the highest standards, the Day Digital voice-over team of translators, sound engineers, voice-over talents and bilingual supervisors will make sure your piece is rendered impeccably.

Our team of professionals can deal with any project related to voice-overs, sound design or post production in general. We work internationally and have extensive experience collaborating on multi-lingual projects. Contact us today for your voice-over quote so that we can kick off your exciting voice-over project. We can’t wait to help you professionally craft your message in your language of choice!

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