Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Achieve 100% uptime, with our Managed Amazon Web Services. Reduce your IT complexity and cost while improving your customer experience.

Whether you’re a startup company aiming to maximize your Amazon Cloud benefits or a global organization looking for the right technical partner to manage your AWS Cloud, DayDigital offers a suite of Managed Amazon Web Services tailored to every business.


Managed Amazon Web Services

Organizations save 40% in AWS Platform costs when using the services of cloud experts with specialist skills in managing AWS Cloud.

Our customers gain a competitive advantage by partnering with us to manage their public cloud. We will help you plan, architect, deploy, manage, monitor and analyze your AWS instances.

Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Stack


Virtual Servers Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) VMs Virtual servers enable users to deploy, administer, and maintain Operating System and server software. Instance types provide various combinations of CPU/RAM. Users pay for what they use (and with the flexibility to change as required).
Lightsail Amazon Lightsail A collection of virtual machine templates to choose from when creating your virtual machine.
Container Management EC2 Container Service (ECS) A container management service that supports Docker and lets users run their applications on managed instance clusters. It eliminates the requirement to operate cluster management software or plan fault-tolerant cluster architectures.
Scalability AWS Auto Scaling Lets you automatically modify the number of instances providing a particular compute workload. You set defined metric and thresholds that define if the platform adds or removes instances.
Predefined Templates AWS Quick Start Community-led templates for building and deploying virtual machine–based solutions.


Object Storage Simple Storage Services (S3) Object storage services for cloud applications, content distribution, backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and big data analytics.
Virtual Server Disk Elastic Block Store (EBS) SSD storage optimized for I/O-intensive read and write operations. For use as high-performance virtual machine storage.
Shared File Storage Elastic File System Presents a simple interface to create and configure file systems and share common files. Shared data storage without the need for a supporting VM, and can be used with traditional protocols that access files over a network.
Bulk Data Transfer AWS Import/Export Disk A data transport solution using secure disks and appliances to transfer significant amounts of data and offering data protection during transit.


Relational Database RDS Relational database-as-a-service (DBaaS) where the platform handles database resilience, scale and maintenance.
Caching ElastiCache An in-memory–based, distributed caching service providing a high-performance store and is typically used to offload non-transactional work from a database.
Database Migration Database Migration Service For migration of database schema and data from one database format to a particular database technology in the cloud.

Content Delivery & Networking

Cloud Virtual Networking Virtual Private Cloud Provides an isolated, private environment in cloud allowing users to have control over their environment, including selecting their own IP address range, creating subnets and configuring route tables and network gateways.
Cross-Premises Connectivity AWS VPC Gateway VPN Gateways connect virtual networks to other virtual networks or your on-premises networks.
Domain Name System Management (DNS) Route 53 Manage your DNS records utilizing the same credentials, billing and support contract as your other services.
CDN: Content Delivery Network CloudFront A global content delivery network for delivering audio, video, applications, images, and other files.
Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing For automatically distributing incoming application traffic to add scale, handle failover, and route to a collection of resources.

Management and Monitoring

Deployment Orchestration (DevOps) OpsWorks (Chef-based), CloudFormation Configures and administers applications of all shapes and sizes; Provides templates to create and manage a collection of resources.
For automating manual, long-running, error-prone and frequently repeated IT tasks.
Management & Monitoring (DevOps) CloudWatch, AWS Usage and Billing Report, AWS Management Console A unified console that simplifies building, deploying and managing cloud resources.
Services that help with generating, monitoring, forecasting and sharing billing data for resource usage by time/organization/ product resources.
A unified console that simplifies building, deploying and managing cloud resources.
Administration Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, AWS Personal Health Dashboard, Third Party Enables continuous IT services, compliance (through process automation) and configuration management.
Presents detailed information about the health of resources and also recommends actions for maintaining good resource health.
Standalone app from that enables you to work with AWS Storage data on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Authentication And Authorization Identity and Access Management (IAM) Enables users to securely control access to services and resources while offering data security and protection.
Encryption Server-side encryption with Amazon S3 Key Management Service Create and administer users and groups and use permissions to allow/deny access to resources.
Firewall Web Application Firewall Protects your web applications from general web exploits. Users can define customizable web security rules.
Security Certificate Manager Allows you to create, manage and consume certificates seamlessly in the cloud.
Directory Services AWS Directory Service + Windows Server Active Directory on AWS, AWS Directory Service Identity and access management cloud solution providing a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups.
For supporting Directory in your cloud.
Compliance AWS Artifact For providing access to audit reports, compliance guides and trust documents from across cloud services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backups   For backups
Disaster Recovery   Disaster recovery services


Email Simple Email Service (SES) For integrating email functionality into applications.
Application Development Elastic Beanstalk Managed hosting platforms, providing easy-to-use services for deploying and scaling web applications and services.
Developer Tools AWS Developer Tools A collection of tools for building, deploying, diagnosing, debugging and managing multi-platform, scalable apps and services.

DayDigital can manage your AWS Cloud to reach the highest cloud maturity and make your business more agile, responsive, scalable and efficient.

High Availability
High Performance
Managed Capacity
Enhanced Security

We provide Cloud Management assistance for all AWS Services. Our industry experts will help you to establish and follow best cloud practices to ensure a resilient, scalable, high performance and secure cloud.

Are you looking for a technical partner with the right mix of expertise, experience and tools?

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