Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud? Our cloud computing experts will assist you with a smooth migration, starting from planning to deploying and tuning.

Cloud Migration projects can turn out to be extremely complicated, without the right expertise and experience backing your move to the cloud.

DayDigital’s cloud migration services will enable you to strategize and implement a hassle-free migration with zero downtime.

Our Cloud Migration Services
Identify what to migrate

Determine what on-premise applications and services are best-fit to take advantage of the cloud.

Align to the cloud

Identify your current services and map to the right cloud service (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS).

Select an appropriate deployment model

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud? Let’s tackle the questions around the right deployment option for your business.

Select the right vendor

What are the technical and non-technical criteria to consider while choosing a cloud provider? Our cloud consultants will show you the way!

Design for the cloud

You can’t just “move” your on-premise solutions to the cloud. There are different characteristics to consider and we will help you to “re-architect” for the cloud.

Impact Analysis and Dependency Resolution

Identify and address dependencies to ensure nothing is overlooked!

Business Continuity (BC) Planning

If business continuity is critical to your enterprise, you should include BC Planning in your migration strategy. We will help you migrate with zero downtime!

Proof of Concept

We will help you design and create a Proof of Concept (PoC) before you migrate your business-critical applications to the cloud.

Phased Migration

An incremental approach implemented within planned timelines.

A journey to the cloud without losing control of your budget! Our experts will help you optimize your cloud for better efficiency at lower costs.

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