If you want to compete in global markets, localization ofour website, mobile app and marketing materials is vital

Do you have customers overseas and move product in different markets? Or are you thinking about dipping your toes into foreign waters?

With more than 3.5 billion Internet connections today, global tastes are merging

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Mobile App Localization

Mobile App Localization

With nearly 3 million apps available in Google Play and just slightly fewer for the Apple store, you need yours to stand out

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What Does Localization Involve?

Many people confuse localization with translation. While there are similarities, localization goes way deeper than taking care of the words. Not only will we craft a stellar message for you that speaks straight to the heart of a native. But we’ll don handle the coding and behind-the-scenes work that website localization and mobile a pa localization involve.

Partnering with us will grant you favorable access to a group of the industry’s certified Google Partners — professionals who have been certifiably trained in conducting Google Adwords PPC campaigns. (You wouldn’t want anyone but the best to handle your Adwords campaigns, right?) We have the instinct and experience in knowing what a solid Google Adwords campaign looks like. Plus, all the insider tricks that will ultimately generate handsome profits for you. Interested? Letts get started!

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Why Choose Day Digital for Your Localization Services?

Our PPC Management services provide a professional and structured way for business owners to get the very best ROI on her PPC campaigns. Fast, we listen to what your business needs are and then we develop a strategy to achieve them. We then keep your PPC campaign goals top-of-mind as we research your market and advise you on the best options for your Goggle Ad-words campaign.

Our Google Adwords team are all certified, qualified affkvolua Is who have expertly managed a number of accounts across vanety of different sectors and countries. We have worked with all lands of companies — from big to small — and whether you’re working with a sizable budget or not, we can assure you we will obtain the very best return for your Aver-using dollars.

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Professional Localization Services

Unlike seo which can take several months to kick in, Pay-Per-click advertising is a guaranteed way to bung qualified customers straight to your website. The trick is to know how to run a cost-effective yet quality PPC campaign so that you get the maximum bang for your buck. Mars where we Come in. We take in and analyze the overwhelming number of metros Google gives to to track the performance of your campaign.

We then set up conversion tracking and report on the ones that matter most — impressions, dicks, phone calls, conver¬sions, and cost. These simple metrics provide us with everything we need to monitor and fine-tune your Googe Adwords campaign each month. Our goal is to get the parameters of Google Adwords advertising campaign just right so that you are efficiently getting the most out of your budget.

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