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Infographics are Ruling the Internet

Move over lengthy articles and whitepapers — infographics are the new kids in town! Why? Because they convey a lot of words in one nicely designed, easy to digest image. They’re simple and attractive to look at, informative and highly shareable, making them great for social media!

Better than that? Infographics are memorable, which means your customers will keep your name in their top of mind. The brain has way less work to do digesting visual content – (and way less work is something that’s pretty appealing to us all!) If you’ve got lots of content and want to break it down, mixing up blog article posting with infographics is a great way to go.

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Custom Infographics Tailored to Your Style

Our designers are pretty awesome (even though we do say so ourselves!) and our infographics generate hit after hit for our clients. You don’t even need to have a vision for your design, just hand us the data you want to include in any format you want. We’ll interpret your information and present it in a unique and professionally stylized graph or chart.

All our designs are 100% original and designed by the some of the top multimedia talent in the world. We don’t use pre-built templates or rely on rehashed designs. We provide infographics that are original, unique and fresh. They spur visual distribution, likes, shares, comments and more traffic to your website.

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Industry Standard and Easy to Scale

All infographics are delivered in high resolution JPEGs or PNGs, for your comfort and compatibility. Where you need the highest quality possible, just ask and we’ll deliver in high tier Ai or EPS files so that you can scale your infographic limitlessly.

All infographics that we upload are optimized for SEO purposes with image tags primed with keywords, the URL string and meta descriptions.

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